Domizile Reisen


Trocadero Suites

56 persons / 25 bedrooms
from EUR 1.400,- / day
Luxury and very exclusive holiday suites and apartments in Paris very close to the Eiffel-Tower




- - Monopoli
Hotel Don Ferrante

24 persons / 10 bedrooms
from EUR 145,- / day
Exclusive 5-star boutique hotel directly at the beach

LATIO - Rome
Apartment Emma

2 persons / 1 bedrooms
from EUR 165,- / day


LATIO - Rome
Apartment Navona

4 persons / 1 bedrooms
from EUR 213,- / day

LATIO - Rome
Apartment Panetteria

4 persons / 2 bedrooms
from EUR 199,- / day
Charmingly decorated holiday apartment


LATIO - Rome
Apartment Trevi

4 persons / 2 bedrooms
from EUR 227,- / day

LATIO - Rome
Apartment Francesca

5 persons / 2 bedrooms
from EUR 218,- / day


LATIO - Rome
Apartment Frattina

6 persons / 3 bedrooms
from EUR 364,- / day

LATIO - Rome
Apartment Le Carrozze

6 persons / 3 bedrooms
from EUR 312,- / day


SICILY - Palermo - Cefalù
Penthouse Duomo

5 persons / 2 bedrooms
from EUR 109,- / day

SICILY - Siracusa - Ortigia/Siracusa
Apartment Ortigia

6 persons / 3 bedrooms
from EUR 229,- / day


TUSCANY COUNTRYSIDE - Florence - Borgo Pinti
Hotel Monna Lisa

90 persons / 45 bedrooms
from EUR 115,- / day

VENETO - Venice - Dorsoduro
Zattere alla Salute

6 persons / 4 bedrooms
from EUR 392,- / day
Unique holiday rental apartment with elevator


At current times, the demand for a short break increases constantly. The trend of making city trips has been growing more and more as it is a perfect opportunity to relax and get away from it all, and on the other hand to experience something new and get a lot of new impressions. With our unique selection of city apartments, we can offer the perfect accomodation where you do not have to despense with the privacy you expect for a relaxing and exciting holiday. All our apartments lie in the heart of the cities and thus they are the ideal starting point to discover them. No matter if you come to Rome for shopping, to participate the Pope´s Sunday prayer on St. Peter´s Square at the Vatican or simply enjoy the ”Dolce Vita” – the Eternal City is always worth a visit. Take your time to discover the numerous sights and take the city in – for example while enjoying an espresso on Piazza di Popolo. Our different apartments in Rome are invariably situated in the historical center. All sights from the Colosseum to the Spanish Steps are within easy walking distance. Accomodated in Apartment Trevi or Apartment Panetteria, one will be close to Fontana di Trevi. Throwing a coin into the famous fountain makes sure one will return to Rome. Apartment Frattina is only a stone´s throw from the Spanish Steps which make everyone stay for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. Located on the third floor of a Palazzo, Apartment Navona lies close to the same-named piazza, where you can watch the hustle and bustle around Bernini´s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi while enjoying a cappuccino or vino rosso. One will obtain a lot of helpful information regarding your holidays in Italy at the Italian Government Tourist Board (ENIT). Besides the Italian capital, Tuscany´s capital is also absolutely worth a visit: Florence. In a manor house near Piazza di´ Pitti, on the southern side of river Arno, lies Apartment Anna which offers comfortable accomodation for two persons. From Apartment Luisa, which is situated in the same building, many of the are within walking distance as well. Stroll over the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio, admire Michelangelo´s David on Piazza della Signoria or visit the world-known Uffizi Gallery. If you need a bit of tranquility after experiencing the lively Italian city, just go for a walk in the parks of Giardino di Boboli. Venice, which has been a favoured honeymooner´s destination for many years, becomes increasingly popular for city trips, not only during the Venetian Carnival. The comfortable holiday apartment Zattere alla Salute is located on the fourth floor of a Venetian building with direct access to the Canal´s waterfront. It lies amidst one of Venice´s most beautiful neighbourhoods and offers fantastic views of the laguna and the Adriatic Sea.


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