Domizile Reisen


Toa Toa House

8 persons / 4 bedrooms
from EUR 450,- / day
Exceptional seafront holiday villa in the Caribbean with pool and gorgeous views

Katitche Point Greathouse

10 persons / 5 bedrooms
from EUR 1.400,- / day
Design villa in exceptional panoramic setting with personal


Necker Island

28 persons / 14 bedrooms
Luxury private island with all inclusive service, an unspoilt holiday paradise

GRENADINES - Grenada - Mustique

6 persons / 3 bedrooms
from EUR 1.810,- / day


GRENADINES - Grenada - Mustique
Point Lookout

12 persons / 6 bedrooms
from EUR 2.720,- / day
Luxury holiday villa on the beach with daily service

GRENADINES - Grenada - St. George's
Grenada Dream Studio

2 persons / 1 bedrooms
from EUR 320,- / day


GRENADINES - Grenada - St. George's
Grenada Dream Villa

4 persons / 2 bedrooms
from EUR 430,- / day

Port Antonio
Villa Bolt Hole

8 persons / 3 bedrooms
from EUR 335,- / day
Plantation house on the sea with full time staff


Ocho Rios
Roaring Pavilion

10 persons / 5 bedrooms
from EUR 3.300,- / day

Montego Bay
Round Hill Villen

10 persons / 5 bedrooms


Montego Bay
Round Hill Hotel

72 persons / 36 bedrooms

With its great variety, Mexico offers a destination for almost every target group. With the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in the east, the state provides a land bridge in Central America. The long coastline with its endless white beaches offers a perfect ambience for seaside vacationers that are looking for recreation and revovery. The different climatic circumstances coin the versatile Mexican vegetation. In the Nortwest there are many dry and droughty velds, like the Sierra Madre del Sur. In the humid, subtropical areas, however, rainforests diffuse and offer a habitat for many animal species. The major part of the country consists of a plateau and is very mountainous, sometimes even volcanic. Hiking and other alpine sports can be carried out perfectly. Mexico´s cultural diversity exceeds all expectations as well. Antique temple complexes in Palenque, historic cities of the Aztecs, like Teotihuacán and rural villages of the Indios should be seen at all costs. The Mexican cuisine is also heavily coined by influences of the Aztecs and Mayas. Chilli and beef specialties can be found in every menu. Mexico-City is one of the most altitudinous capitols of the world and offers a spectacular scenery with its colonial buildings. The Catedral Metropolitana, which is the biggest of the continent, enthuses visitors with its pompous and complex architecture. Despite the size, Mexico-City is controlled by an urban and also rural lifestyle, that adds a special character to the city.


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